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(27th August 2022 Shabbat – from 9am to 6pm EDT)

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Shalom to you,

A new important Event – Donate for a ticket – Be in quick as tickets will go fast.

A huge HalleluYah, we praise the Most High for giving us another day to do all we can for Him and His people.

We have been inundated to put on an event on health and we are so excited to do this. We want His people to take back their health into their own hands with NO FEAR and we know you can do this without being fearful.

During this event you will learn how to deal with serious situations, heart attacks, strokes, broken legs and arms, how to do stitches and stop bleeding and so much more. We want you FREED from bondage, to enable you to do this yourself.

“Who is like YHWH our Elohim, Who is enthroned on high?
He looks down on the shamayim and in the earth;
He raises the poor out of the dust, Lifts the needy from a dunghill,”

Tehillim / Psalms 113:5-7

There are going to be 7 experts, with a wide range of knowledge to share with you for this is one-day event that will also allow time for questions after each expert shares.

* James Block
* Lucinda Robinson
* Paul Nison
* Dr Darrell Carr
* Stacey Fitzgerald
* Josh Truex
* Shanna Carlan
* Ernest Hoppe
* Medical/Natural Doctor
* Surgeon
* Army Medic
* Naturopath
* And more. . .

* Natural Medical Doctor – Take back your life. Real Solutions
* Urgent Medical Message For All Believers – A Must
* Dealing with heart attacks, heart issues, blocked arteries, strokes, broken legs and arms, type 2 Diabetes, Gut,
Thyroid, Auto Immune, Bowel and Liver issues.
* What is in your food, GMO, Labelling,
* Herbalist
* Raw Food Expert
* Nutrition Expert
* Essential Oils – How they work and what they do
* Coaching
* Survival in hard times
* Organic/Clean Food – How to grow your own food and/or get organic clean food
* Eat the Biblical Way
* And much more. . .

We will update you soon on the speakers who are all experienced and easy to understand, as this is important to us all.

We were moved by the Most High after we were offered a building and some land to set up a nationwide co-op which is a huge vision and one that is important to us.

We feel some very hard times are coming, where believers will have to decide if they want to follow the Most High fully, or give into what the world is forcing right now.

“Baruk are the perfect in the Way, Who walk in the Torah of YHWH!
Baruk are those who observe His Witnesses, Who seek Him with all the heart!”

Tehillim/Psalms 119:1-2

We want to help those who have made a stand and say NO to what is being pushed on us all. So, the co-op will help thousands all over the USA with food, clothing, bedding and basic needs. These will come from believers who have excess and/or have items they do not need or want any more like baby clothing, shoes, children’s clothes, bedding, wheel chairs and walkers etc.

Tickets will go fast for this new Health Event, so kindly do not leave it too late, as it is only 6 weeks away and the event take it’s toll on our small team, the enemy hates Yah’s people to be knowledgeable and tries all he can to attack and take out team members. A huge amount of work goes into these events and we need your prayer and fasting for the events, for the small UIY team and especially the speakers.

We pray you find it in your heart to see the work we are trying to do. A very heartfelt thank you to those that donated towards the poor programs in the last event. You did an amazing thing. We all may not do the physical work with the poor, but we have given the means for them to be able to do the work and it is because of you that these things can be done.

This event will be hosted by Stacey Fitzgerald a dear Sister that many of you have come to know through United In Yah and her music. The Health Event will be via Zoom. The meeting ID will be exclusive only to ticket-holders. One ticket per zoom participant/s, but you can have as many people as you want watching in one place. If you are a group, you might want to increase your donation so we could help more people in need.

All proceeds go to the new food Co-Op that will help thousands of people in the USA with food, clothing, bedding, and basic needs. It is time to prepare for those that will lose their jobs due to not being sold out to the system. We feel it is like the days of Yoseph (Joseph). Someone has to get this going as the needs will be in the thousands. This is our heart to help His people in the coming months/years so we are setting this up now.

You are not funding wages or personal material things as we take this work very serious and want to get this set up as soon as possible.

A wonderful brother and his family have donated the use of a building and land to help believers be feed,clothed and loved through the coming years. This is something that is important and urgent. We see truckloads of food and needs coming in and going out to His people all over the USA. We see His people stepping forward to take food and needs to others. It is a huge vision but one that we feel was given by the Most High for His people.

We have a mother and 2 daughters who have step up to do this work full time and we also will have many volunteers, drivers and those who will donate many items to get this started.

So please mark your calendars and save the date and support this very important event.

Please share this link and invite your families, friends and believers to join us as we learn new
things that will equip us for the coming days and, at the same time, help our poor brothers and sisters in the USA.

A very special thank you to those that supported the Battle Cry Event. All the self sufficiency programs that were donated for have been covered and we have taken on two more Orphans Programs, one in Nigeria and one in Kenya, both known personally by our supporters. We will update you on the UIY website with the work as it is being done. Those that we have helped over the last 10 years say a HUGE THANK YOU to those that helped them. They now will be able to support themselves and believers around them with food and basic needs in the coming months and years.

We expect this to be a refreshing time to share and learn new things. We look forward with much excitement to bring this event to you. It is indeed wonderful to see YHWH’s children come together in the unity of the Ruacḥ. What a privilege to do this for the Father and His Ben! Even as we gear up to face with courage and patience the challenges that we expect in the latter days, we desire to strengthen each other in the nurture and knowledge of His Word.

Because this is an event for charity, we beg your cooperation in not sharing the meeting details with those who have not purchased tickets or registered for the event. Any participant caught doing so, will be removed from the event along with those to whom they have shared their meeting details with.

Tickets are non-refundable. All funds and donations go to the Co-op. Tickets, however, are transferrable. In such cases where the registered person or group will not be able to attend the event, please notify us prior to the said dates so we can make the necessary changes.

Can you please help us to spread the world about this special event with all your friends and on your social media pages, if you can also contact as many people you know and don’t know to share about this special event. Here are the links:

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Our Father and our Savior deserves all the praise, honor and esteem, so let’s join together in
praising Him. HalleluYah!

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your support,
The United In Yah Team.

No individual speaker necessary agrees with other speakers or singers doctrines or opinions. Please do not judge these speakers/singers on other peoples opinions. Thank you, United In Yah Team

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