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HalleluYah to be able to help Brother Tony’s India Torah School. Brother Tony left the USA around 25 years ago and started the Torah School for the very poor and needy including orphans. He forsook marriage and family to dedicate his life to the Father and work in India. He felt education was important and that many Indian children in very poor areas do not have the means to be educated in a way that will benefit themselves and family if they had a family.

We have known Brother Tony for well over 10 years now through a team member who knows him well. He is a very humble and dedicated brother who has served the Father and the people of Yah for many years. When the school has a break Brother Tony sets off to different parts of India/Nepel to encourage believers and check on orphans, widows, and leper programs that the Project helps and so much more.

In the attached pictures, you can see him visiting with Brother Mosheh. Brother Mosheh has a huge program that helps many hundreds of widows, orphans & lepers and the very poor and needy. HalleluYah Scriptures has been able to help Brother Mosheh and his work since 2016 and United In Yah has helped Brother Mosheh for a few years from personal funds and recently with Battle Cry Event funds.

Brother Tony has adopted orphans and bought them up over the past 25 years as well. We have been honored to help Brother Tony through you, the United In Yah supporters. A very special heartfelt thank you from he and his team.

So far you, the UIY supporters, have sponsored 11 Children that will attend the India Torah School for the coming new year that starts in June 2023. You have given a great opportunity to these children, and they are so very grateful and thank Yah because of you.

We will be updating this page with their progress.
What has also been covered as well from the Sisters Event donations:
1. Painting the first floor of our school, about 4000 sq.ft. – $600.00
2. Retainer wall in ditch side of land to stop erosion and loss of land – $1400.00

These are other needs for the Torah School and we used some funds that were donated toward some of these costs.
3. Compound wall and gate at front of the School and the Bus ramp – $3,300.00
4. Extra Kitchen room – $4000-$5000 depending on how the build progresses. Our current room is too small, and for some to sit and eat we need room.

We pray you see the wonderful work that has been done and give all praise to the Most High, for truly, it is He that does this great work through you, His children.

Thank you so much!
The United In Yah Team.

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