Worldwide Prayer & Fasting

Shalom Brothers and Sisters,

We pray you are well.

Following the prayer and fasting and being lead by the Ruach, we feel an urgency, that it is important to establish a continual prayer and fasting – 24 hours, 7 days a week, so that every second, minute and hour is covered in prayer and fasting all over the world.

We sense that we are heading into some very hard last days that will be very trying on us all and could be fearful for some. We feel that wisdom is important in these last days, and to pray for each other around the world, so that we all can draw comfort from knowing that we are being prayed for, is essential.

Prayer is powerful and can give strength in times of hardship and as you know, being United In Yah, we are His and it gives us strength and comfort to know we have our Father and His Son in our lives.

We, as a team, know this is the time to put this in place and aim to keep it in place until our Savior comes to take us with Him and are confident you will agree on this. If we put this in place all over the world, we can all draw strength in knowing His people are praying and fasting and the world is covered in this.

What we propose, is that you choose a day (or half a day) you can fast each week. If you have 2 or more in your family, you may like to split the hours of your 24 hour fast.

We will be adding a map, or graph of some sort, to the United In Yah website that will show each country where someone is fasting and praying on a particular day so that we can get the world covered in prayer and fasting for His people. Remember the Exodus, when the Father put up a wall of fire so that the evil ones could not touch Mosheh and the people. He can do that again for us all!

Due to the time zone differences, we can have Shabbat covered in prayer and fasting, as some countries will be ending their Shabbat while others are only just beginning, thus no one need be fasting on the Shabbat unless they feel the need.

Let us Unite in Yah and come together and make this happen. This is for you and your family’s benefit, now that we are in the last days.

We are putting this in place now so that when the internet is restricted, we can have the comfort knowing that many believers all over the world are praying with us and for us and that we are not alone through this tribulation.

If you are going to debate, have issues, or are not pleased to put aside your petty arguments, then kindly refrain from joining. We need to be united and not arguing at times like this. We, as a team, honestly have no time to email back and forth with debate. Time is running out and we are on a knife’s edge, and the only way we will get through this, is getting our lives right before our Father, repenting, turning away from this world’s system, putting our minor differences aside and focusing on the Most High and His Word, getting ourselves right before Him. We must look in the mirror, search our hearts and lives before Him and straighten our own paths.

Please Join Now, as we there is a lot of preparation in organizing this and the sooner you join up, the quicker we can get this in place.

We will try and get a weekly email of encouragement out to those that join.

We pray that thousands of you join, you and your family, your group and fellowship.

Thank you from us all and thank you to those that do email us encouraging messages. Please know, you are in our daily prayers.

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