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Shalom to all our supporters at United In Yah!

We pray you are all well and covered by the love of the Father. We truly praise the Most High for each of you who pray and fast and donate to this urgent and important work.

We want to share with you some very good news! Good News is wonderful to hear, and we praise the Most High for all the wonderful, good news. As the world is falling apart around us, believers are attacking each other and hurting each other, and the world is not in a great state, so it is always good to get good news, HalleluYah!

A dear Sister who is a widow, who has a deep love for those who are without, has donated to help widows in the USA through United in Yah. We have prayed about this as a team, as we love to help the very poor and needy all over the world, so agree with this dear Sister.

We would like to hear from any widows in the USA who are in genuine need of help with food, and if you know any widows in need of food, could you kindly contact us through the widow’s link on the front page of the website.

Let us praise the Most High for this Sister and her big heart for helping those who are in desperate need. All the donations from this dear Sister go to helping widows in the USA.

May the Most High show her favor always,
The United In Yah Team.

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