The Heart of Argentina – Orphans & Needy Missions

A true family mission from the heart. This work and mission in sharing the Good News have been in this family for many years. Their hearts towards the truly poor and needy in Argentina are with love. We have known this family for a number of years and the work has been passed down through the family. No wages taken, no lifestyles funded, like all the other United in Yah projects, these are volunteers that work for their love of the Father, as we all do.
The Heart Of Argentina
Building Project
Here is a message from Ariel:

“My father in law, Hugo started this work many years ago and my wife and I continue to do this important work in this country. Sadly Argentina has suffered over the past few years and the suffering is very clear on the faces of those we care for, this work has increased and does increase daily.

“The work is in San Javier, province of Misiones, Argentina. He started a small group of children first and now they have grown to a much larger group. Also, their parents started to join over the years, which is special. We share the Truth with them and pray together.

“The kids join each day to take a meal. The place is extremely poor, as most are from that province.
We built a roof because extremely hot and gets extreme rain. We had to cover the kitchen roof due to the heat and rain and we started a cement floor but have yet to finish it. They need help with tin for their shelters so that they are safe from the rain and heat. The children are taught basic English too.

“My wife and I put whatever extra we have from our small wage from the work I do with music. It is not much but it does help. We love to help this place because is not involved in government/political interests. They are helped by my family as we feel it is our duty to help those in need in the Name of the Father and His Son. We are a simple family that live a simple life as helping others is more important than ourselves.

“It seems they are needing mostly food as they are growing in numbers and basic needs. The tin for the roof would help the families as well” and a freezer for the food. We have requested their urgent needs so we can pray over them and share with you all.”

“Thank you to you and the team, Yah blessed us tremendously through you guys, maybe we’ll not meet each other on this earth, but will in Shamayin we’ll give you a hug and give all the honour to Yah!”

This group needs help with the above needs and funds. The international foodbank donations will be used for the food and basic needs.
Ariel & family.”

Here are the needs of this group:

1 Hot water tank $158, 1 Freezer $563, 1 Water tank $88, 6 Tin Sheets roof (6 sheets) $14, 20 cement bags $102, 10 lime bags $52, 500 bricks $211, 2 Lavatory $264, 2 Wood doors $70, 1 Sheet metal door $105, 6 sand cubic meters $63, 4 stones cubic meters $35, 15 mts pine wood sheets (For the roof) $66, 7 Wooden braces $37, Closing gate $705

For Kitchen
Ceramic for Kitchen floor 120square mts $105, 12 cement bags for ceramics $250.00, 1 Water gutter $158

Work Started On The Above Needs

Feeding The Very Poor & Needy – Thank You UIY Supporters.

Benjamin – An Orphan – Thank You For Your Support

Feeding & Helping The Very Poor & Needy
If you can help with any one of these items, you can do so on the donate form and put in the comments box what you would like to help with.

Thank you so much,
UIY team

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