The Messianic movement has no single doctrine other than Scripture and some may have slightly different interpretations, so as a preface to register for this event, we ask that you agree to the following rules/recommendations to ensure that our focus is on our offering of praise to יהוה and not on issues.

In the past, it has been known for some Messianic individuals or groups to condemn or judge other ministries, or those on the same search for truth, but it is time to stop these divisive actions, to come together in unity of prayer and praise.

If some individual or group mentions a different pronunciation of the Name of the Father יהוה or the Messiah יהושע that you are unfamiliar with, please overlook this and praise him in your own heart. It may be a Sabbath for some, but not others depending on the calendar you follow and the timezone where you live and some may mention a rapture or shape of the earth, so please try and ignore these slip-ups if they occur. We want to make it clear that there will be no tolerance for “grandstanding” a particular belief and the moderators online at the time will simply move on to the next if this is not adhered to. We do not allow promoting or selling of products in this event. Remember it is for prayer, praising and reading His Word.

We ask that those individuals or groups signing up, keep their prayers and worship directed to the Father יהוה and His Son יהושע and the situation the world is in, not to be used as an opportunity to preach.

We are simply asking you to respect one another and if you would like respect, then please show respect for others. If you don’t feel comfortable with these rules or feel you cannot hold your peace, then please do not sign up for this.

And I say to you that for every idle word men speak, they shall give an account of it in the day of judgment.”
(Mattithyahu 12:36)

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