Shalom To You All,

We praise the Most High for you and we pray you are well.

United In Yah is putting on another wonderful Event. This one will focus on prisoners, the work being done by prison ministries, released prisoners’ testimonies which they will share from their heart, and the families of prisoners, who will be sharing their hearts in this Event.

We feel prisoners are important, as are orphans & widows as the Savior commanded us to visit the prisoners and help the orphans. Even though we may not be personally doing the work by visiting the prisoners and helping them in their walk, we are able to support those that are doing this wonderful work.

We have had the honor through you, our supporters, to help the prison ministry that United In Yah gives aid to.

They have been working with prisoners since 1996 and have a wonderful track record of helping many prisoners who desire to walk in the Ways of Yah.

We have enjoyed helping this ministry with postage, envelopes, and paper needs and we would love to help them to be able to print more materials to give freely to prisoners and also help with stamps/postage to send out all the free materials including sending free Restored Names Bibles.

Their heart, for the past 10 years, has been to have a halfway house/property for prisoners who are believers who come out of prison. Many have no place to go, and some will just live on the streets or return to prison, as they feel safer there due to having no family or hope, as many lose their families.

Their desire is to help believe prisoners to have hope and feel safe and slowly help them get on their feet and prepare for their new life in this world. With a property they will be able to teach further life skills, grow food, and have animals, like chickens, to provide for themselves.

This is their heart and passion to do all they can for prisoners, and they have an amazing track record, so have proven they do what they say. Let us come together as believers and do all we can to help them obtain their dream! They are a very honest ministry that do what they say and do all they can for the Father and His people in prison.

We feel that prisoners are so important, and it can be overwhelming for them on the outside, so going to a place that has other believers will help them in their walk and life.

If you feel you would like to help with the halfway house property, you can do so through this Event or email us for bank account details. They would need a certain amount to obtain a property. If the property fund total is not reached, then all the donations will go directly to the Prison ministry’s daily/weekly work.

Here is a message from the Prisoners Ministry:
We have the largest Sabbath-keeping prison ministry in the USA. We serve well over 400 prisons in this country and have over 5,000 inmate members, as well as several thousand free-world members, volunteers and ministry leaders who know and support us. We have been doing this since 1996.

Many may not understand the amount of work that goes into ministries like this. Your whole life is spent serving the Most High and His people, and there is no time for anything else, as the needs and the workload in these prisons are heavy.

They have a 25-year track record of serving the Father’s people in all these prisons and our heart’s desire is to see them get a place where they can have everything together, as they send a huge number of free materials and also help the believing prisoners to have Passover parcels each year. They deliver over 3000 of these parcels to prisoners all over the US through volunteers and themselves.

Our deep prayer is that people will see helping prisoners as important to our Savior which is why He spoke of it and something we will be asked when we stand before Him on Judgment Day. We all may not be able to do this work, but if we support them to further their work to help even more, then we are doing our part and can take comfort in knowing this.

The donations for this Event will go 100% to this ministry, as we love their passion and dedication to those in prison. Let us come together and donate as much as possible for them to do even more for His people in prison.

This Special Event has never been done before, and it is all about prisoners and those that work in the prisons by sharing Truth and taking materials into the prisons. We will also have testimonies from prisoners that have been released, who will share their testimonies of how they came to the Truth and how important ministries are for prisoners. Also, we will have families and children of prisoners who will share about their lives and the struggles involved.

We ask that you pray for this ministry and United In Yah, who try and do the best we can with the hours we have each day.

United In Yah has had 2 years of free Events and last year was the first donation Event we put on. The Events have helped so many over the past year and will continue to help for years to come. Please watch the video updates from these Events on the website:

We look forward to seeing you at the Event, which will be pre-recorded and released once it is completed.
Remember, if you have any questions, anytime, kindly let us know.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts,
The United In Yah Team.

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