For Believers who want to prepare…

Shalom & Greetings to you,

Our next project we are working on is locating properties to help believers who want to prepare and get out of the city/towns. Some, we understand, want to prepare a place, but stay where they are until they are unable to do so, and this is not a problem.

We feel this is important and urgent to put things in place for when there is no food or place to go:

“A clever man foresees calamity, hides himself; The simple shall go on, they are punished.” (Proverbs 27:12)

There are a number of places for all different types of believers, as we want to try and match those that would suit each other. Joining a community with other believers gives you a high chance to get through the tough times headed our way, and this fact is well known – working together to grow food, tend animals and support one another.

Each property will have a shared house for all to use for preparing long term food, fellowship, food storage etc. and you will be able to stay at the house while you are building your tiny home, but we have to spread this out so others who are building can use it as well, so aim to put a limit of 3 months stay, but in agreement with others, this can change.

Skills are important, so kindly share your skills on the form, what you can offer in the way of help eg. are you medically trained, plumber, electrician, gardener, animal husbandry etc? Maybe an experienced cook to prepare food for long term as this is a great skill. What other ways you can help the community that will help and other brothers and sisters you will be living with? Add to the form below.

The property you go to live on will have water, a sizeable area of land and woods/forest for wild animals like deer. The property will not be too close any sizeable town or city, and will be off-grid and remote to protect you – the Father’s children.

Some of you may want to go and built your tiny home and live there now, which is no problem, or you may prefer to prepare and retreat when the time is right, which is ok as well, but make sure you spend time to get to know your brothers and sisters that you will be living alongside for many years.

There will be an agreement put in place, with the aim to protect everyone in the community. Kindly understand, that if you decide to leave, you only get back what you paid. It will not be feasible to resell the property, or offer it to anyone else. If at any time you choose to opt out, you can only be refunded what you put in, even if you did a lot of work on your piece, neither can you divide the land you are allotted and offer it to others. In the agreement will be the names of those you can have on your land or property, which will include your your wife and immediate children who are under your care and who love and honor the Torah. Only one wife per husband! We do not agree with polygamy.

Those who strive to be the boss or controlling need not apply, as we want His people to be at peace, as there will be enough to handle in the coming hard days.

We want to protect everyone who goes to prepare, so aim to put conditions in place that may seem a bit strict, but in the long run it protects you and your family.

Kindly do not waste our time if you are not really interested, as we are a small team of volunteers that work freely in this ministry.

Please fill out the form if you are serious about an off-grid place and preparing. Do not email us with demanding emails but take the time to share about yourself. There are limited spaces on each property and we want prayer warriors, those that put others first and who have a serving and loving spirit, not a demanding or arrogant attitude.

Thank you,
The United In Yah Team

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