For Believers who want to prepare…


Shalom & Greetings to you,

With this off grid property, we are looking for 7/8 families or individual believers that know each other and get on well, as there are only 7/8 spaces for this property. Note: “Family” means your immediate family, you, your wife and your children.

We are seeking families or believers that know each other or get along with believers well. This will help the group as a whole work together, as it is often difficult to find believers that get on with one another.

If you are fully aware of what is happening in the world and you want to prepare a place out of the city, then you may want to read further…The property is secluded and is around 30mins from any city, but accessible to town power, water, and internet until such a time that it is not needed.

This close to 30 acre property has a well from which you may pump water, has plentiful firewood, has many deer for roaming, and large area for growing food and for placing your camper/trailers.

The wonderful thing with this property is that it has a huge workshop that is fully insulated, rodent proof, and can hold many years of food and supplies, it has a kitchen for preparing food/meals with a small woodstove, bathroom and extra room in this shop area. A great place to fellowship and prepare with much room to move. The weather is humid/subtropical and the winters are moderate.

There is a small two-bedroom house on the property with a bathroom, kitchen and 2 rooms. This could be used and shared by all.

“A clever man foresees calamity, hides himself; The simple shall go on, they are punished.” (Proverbs 27:12)

Joining a community with other believers gives you a high chance to get through the tough times ahead, and this fact is well known; working together to grow food, tend animals and support one another is what is needed for the times coming.

When the 7/8 believers are chosen, and they go ahead after meeting each other, then the property would go into a trust with the owners being the whole group who paid into the property, so those that invest financially would be considered an owner and on the trust.

Kindly do not waste our time if you are not really interested, as we are only a small team of volunteers that work freely in this ministry.

There are no free spaces and there is no option to pay the total off over time.

Once we have the 7/8 believers and have the deposits, we will arrange a Zoom meeting with you all, and once all is agreed on, then you will all meet together for 2/4 days at a place to see if you all get along. After this, we will progress from there.

Do not leave this one too late!

Please fill out the form if you are serious about an off-grid location and prepping. Please do not email us with demanding emails, but take the time to share about yourself. There are limited spaces and we want prayer warriors, those that put others first and who have a serving and loving spirit, not a demanding or arrogant attitude.

Thank you,
The United In Yah Team.


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