New Praise Event

Shalom to you all!

We pray you are well.

Through prayer, we feel we want to put together the following event that will allow His people to come together from all over the world to offer a song, prayer or reading from His Word. This will be your offering to the Most High from your heart.

How does this work? You record a video of your song, prayer or reading from His Word and you email it to us and we will put this together with other believer’s offerings. When we get 3 hours or more, we will edit them all together and run it as a livestream through the Youtube page for believers and those seeking His Truth to enjoy in fellowship together.

Battle Cry Event Img

We pray to be able to upload every fortnight if we have the the content from you, His people, to share.
We are very busy with the Battle Cry event, and feel this will work well.

Here’s the link for Battle Cry:

There are a number of other smaller events we want to put on for His people to benefit for the orphans, widows and truly poor and needy and the worldwide prayer and fasting program which is so important for believer all around the world. You can read more on this link and join if you feel you can fast a little each week:

In regard to this new Event, what we require from you is a video recording of you offering your talent for Yah, whether it be singing, dancing, reading or a prayer or poem. Introduce yourself first (first name is fine) where you are from with an introduction to your offering. We will give you more detailed instructions when you join up.

Battle Cry Event Img

If you feel you would like to give an offering or praise to the Most High, then kindly fill out the small form below.

Thank you and we are so excited to share in your offering.
The United In Yah Team.

“By signing up as a participant, you authorize us to record your contribution and post it on UIY’s Youtube channel for the purpose of bringing Esteem, Honor and Praise to YHWH and YAHSHUA”.

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