Haiti Relief Project

This is a new, much needed project. A couple of families that are believers contacted us who have a small fellowship/group in Haiti. They are faced with severe poverty daily with the very poor and needy coming to them for food and second-hand clothing. The poor who are suffering knock on their doors asking for help and they are struggling to feed their own family and prices has gone up, so they cannot help so much.

We have been praying to be able to help this country and for believers to come forward, as we have heard such suffering and sadness regarding this country.

What they want to do is similar to the Philippines project: buy food in bulk, repack it and give parcels out with witnessing and materials that share the truth. There is an urgent need for second-hand clothing to give out as well and those that come to them are extremely poor and live in the same clothing constantly, both for them and their children.

We see an end coming to our aid with the India Torah School as the projects will be completed after the Kitchen update and have put in place a lot of self-sufficiency projects to help them long-term for food. We will seek next year sponsorship for School fees for some of the children if asked, but we really do thank those who helped with the India Torah School.

The building for the Argentina project has been funded and the extra things that were needed have also been funded, so for now they have been provided for and are so thankful. We will send food funds monthly as support comes in as currently, they have no means to install any self-sufficiency projects.

We pray you find it in your heart to help the new Haiti project. There are no funds needed for anything other than monthly food, second-hand clothing and the most basic needs. The more that can be reached, the more the truth can be spread!

Here is the link:

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