15th MAY 2021 – Starting 10am EST – Saturday.
12 Hour Children Only Event – Live streaming UIY Youtube.

No need to join for observing. Feel free to spread the word and promote.

This event is only for children to participate – 16 years and under. The event is only singing and dancing for Yah and reading from the Word and prayer.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact us. Thank you.

Adults will only be observing, as this is for children only to give an opportunity for them to offer a praise to the Most High. Yes, parents may assist, but allow the children to express their love and joy for the Father.

Todd Bennet will open the event with prayer and a shofar blast around the world so have your shofars ready and get those young ones practising their blasts!

We need your help to promote and spread the word of this event so that the Father can receive much more praise and esteem. Because we are combining the Zoom with a Youtube livestream, there will most likely be a lot more observers who join out of curiosity and will get to hear the Father’s Name YAH proclaimed for the first time.

Please, never thank us, as we are merely servants, and we want you to thank the Father for all He has done, giving us the most important gift in our lives – His Son.

Yah deserves all the praise, honor and esteem.

You will be able to watch the event via the following link on the day:

Feel free to subscribe to the United in Yah Youtube and Facebook channels and receive notification.
Thank you,
The United In Yah Team.

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