We at UIY do not ask for funds or teach or direct anyone to any teacher as the Ruach of Yah is your teacher. We feel it is right to support Alan as we have known him for a while now and know him to be a humble and gentle brother that does not promote himself.

Alan has spent a lot of time studying these Titles, and has offered his studies to those who are interested on a donation bases so that he can continue to work on this wonderful study. We ask that you be respectful toward his work and not share the files, but encourage believers to make a donation for their their own study. This will allow Alan to continue to help his family while working the hours needed to continue this work.

A Message From Alan.

“Over several years I have been learning the value of Hebrew and the original pictograph images which I believe the language is derived from. I think it is important to know more about Our Creator from the Scriptures which is why I have been studying them, and with my ongoing research, have discovered hundreds of descriptive characteristics that I refer to as ‘Titles’. This has been an exciting journey for my family & I, really getting to know יהוה better, and has improved our conversations with Him, even strengthening the relationship factor too. These 120 ‘titles’ are displayed mainly chronologically through The Scriptures with several references, giving extensive examples which can be found in the Hebrew manuscripts. So they can be looked up and studied to see the different contexts they are used in. This allows us to comprehend more about the nature of יהוה and His magnificent qualities so helps to deepen our relationship with Him as we include these ‘titles’ in our prayers where relevant. We know this is an ongoing walk and in these trying perilous times it is refreshing to be able to call on יהוה and appeal to Him to assist us in whatever capacity we need, according to His particular characteristic that applies the most to our current situation. I trust as you look through this presentation it will inspire you as much as it has myself and others.”

This work is offered on a donation basis. You can donate what you feel is right and Alan has shared below about this work for Yah.